Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Being Katak Hijau.

if i am not mistaken i have put down this story of mine before. when i was in sekolah tinggi mara, i chose to be in their Kesatria or lovely called as 'katak hijau' instead of any other uniform bodies such as Badan Pertolongan Cemas or Red Crescent Society in kind. mind you the later full with ladies and the former is full with hardship.

to be sexact, i joined the brass brand with flute and later drum as my instrument in the first and second semester. the following two semester i led the brass band as their drum major. during my whole stint in Kesatria i was never given any basic trainings for marching and all sexcept for playing those musical instruments and marching with our instruments on. yet i managed to led them on marching and i myself has been selected many times to participate in the marching competition and jungle tracking.

the reason for it was i received sextensive trainings during my two years involvement in Persatuan Kadet Bersatu Malaysia in school. thats include basic marching, basic guard of honour as well as with weapon, jungle tracking, weapon training and others. and we are lucky enough to be trained by the first battalion of Royal Malay Regiment which is based in Sg Besi Camp. i even managed to witness how they were being put on standby during late 80's general election.

quite a huge of my photo in the green uniform until my kids have the idea that i was previously a soldier.

the first battalion of Royal Malay Regiment is basically the first army fit in the country. one of their sexclusive and main duty is giving the guard of honour. many guard of honour in the country such as on merdeka, opening ceremony of parliament, installation of his majesty of Agung, receiving foreign countries leaders were and are done by them.

i read with proud in the yesterday the Star newspaper on the selection of them to perform London Public Duties for roughly three months in England. i would love if local tv could participate by doing documentary on it. i wonder whether we would be able to see them guarding the buckingham palace by standing in their post for few hours without even moving a muscle ...

at least there is one good story from England other than our own infamous mathematic genius and now escort lady named sufiah ...



Blogger nuRin said...


p/s pakcik, i feel like i'm losing myself..i'm not comfortable sharing my blog wif..dot.dot...wht shld i do?

2:33 PM  
Blogger MZ said...

- am not comfy either :p. like have to hold my tongue gitu :p feel like u r oso like that :-" *siul2 lagu linkin park 'at the end'*
- my advice? what shud u do? honestly no idea. but perhaps you wanna try in getting comfortable sharing everything with ong ong ong. ehh silaps .. with dot dot :p

2:50 PM  
Blogger nuRin said...

kemana lagi harus mencari
Kau sandarkan sejenak beban diri
kau taburkan benih kasih
hanyalah emosi..

6:25 PM  
Blogger MZ said...

carilah dalam hati
hati sendiri.
beban di dada akan reda
sekiranya sudah redha.
benih kasih bertaburan
manakah kan bercambah.
dalam kalut ribut emosi
tanyalah hati siapa yang di rindu.

10:55 AM  

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