Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Seeking for the truth & not winning.

many many years ago i have an argumentation with fellow colleagues about the islamic law of hudud. there are three of them whereas i am alone. out of three only two actively participated in that argumentation and one fella was very emotionally about it.
three of them are christian catholic. to them the hudud law is cruel. particularly the execution of a guilty person to death as punishment for wrongfully taking another life.
then i elaborate to them. islam is the true religion which suited to human and mankind naturally. islam meet the nature requirement of not just the human by the whole world even the plantation and animal.*
when a life is wrongfully taken, their loved ones naturally want a revenge and the guilty person be caught, prosecuted and punished. and what is the punishment? naturally they want an equal punishment to what they have losses which is death. it is look fair isn't it. say suddenly they were overwhelmed with sympathy and decided the killing of the guilty person shall not bring back their loved one from the death, so they seek a lesser punishment. islamic law permit it! that is the beauty of islam.
but if the common law of human law does not allow for death execution, then where is a certain man's right who wanted an equal punishment for what they have lost?

after a while, when my colleagues can't accept and see my points but clung to their believe, then it is time for me to stop. i just want to show them the truth and not winning the argumentation. perhaps another day another time they will be able to see it.

there was wrong impression and believe in the past that when someone converted to islam they actually 'masuk melayu'. maybe cause the malay teased them they should go for 'bersunat'! (circumcission) whereas it is actually not compulsory!
many new moslem convert was saying that if they look at the moslem maybe they will not be interested to convert. only when they look at the religion itself then their interest develop.
which is whay my argument stop. i can only say few things. sexxageration may made me look stupid and tarnish the impression about islam itself.
the failure of some of islamic law that already in place nowadays is not the weaknesses of islam but the human or the islamic scholar who is supposed to interprete and form the laws accordingly.
the bar council in particular the non-moslem lawyers actively fighting and working to 'correct' the injustice that they see being suffered by their brothers and sisters whenever there is an islam convert in their family. we cannot blamed them! they act on what they see, what they know and what they believe. it is to them their rights.
the question is where is our islamic scholar? the moslem also definitely have their own piece to say about the whole thing. the interest of islam and islamic law in specific must be looked after and protected.

my question is why can't both sides sit together and discuss the matter?

* ar-rabbul a-alamin - dia Tuhan yang menjaga dan mentadbir alam ini.
** al-allah - dia Tuhan yang di sembah.
- dua cabang konsep keTuhanan dalam islam yang perlu di pahami dan dimengertikan sedalam-dalamnya sebelum cabang2 ilmu islam yang lain nya dipelajari.


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