Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Puisi Sepi.


ku tatap lukisan wajah mu
buat penawar rindu ini

ku kenang memori indah bersama
buat teman di kala sepi

ku genggam erat janji janji dulu
buat azimat penat lelah ini

entahkan kita bersatu entahkan tidak
kaulah ratu bertakhta di hati.


Kerana Apa?


seribu satu alasan dan sebab musabab
telah kau berikan untuk aku memutuskan
dan pergi jauh tak kembali
tapi aku masih di sini.

telah aku putuskan dan berlalu pergi
namun rindu dan resah yang parah
memimpin aku pulang ke sisi mu
dan aku masih di sini.

pahit maung ranjau perjalanan ini
masih tabah di redah
pedih bisa onak menikam ke hulu hati
senyum masih terukir
kata nista bodoh, tuli dan buta
tak di endah tak di perduli

aku masih di sini
untuk apa dan kerana apa?



dan tika tirai malam berlabuh
alam dilitupi selimut gelap
bermandikan sinar rembulan yang suram
segala makhluk kembali ke sangkar sendiri
pada siapa kau berbisik lagu rindu melepas resah
siapakah kau dakap mencari kehangatan di tengah kesejukan
dengan siapa kau berbicara cerita terkumpul sepanjang hari
pada siapa kau mencurah segala yang terbuku di dada
ke dalam pelukan siapakah yang kau akan berlindung
hilang segala keruan di hati dan kau pun lena di ulit mimpi.


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Mawi vs Ina VS SiTi & Dato K

i was wondering y siti n dato K chosed Monday the 28 August 2006 as their wedding reception that beamed thru out the nation. replacing any tv programme that shall promote patriotisme among the Malaysian as we are in the Merdeka month. errr ... there are no such programme in the tv3 at the first place ehh?

then there was a special programme claimed as there would not be any re-run on the battle of Mawi & Ina. clearly it was head to head battle for rating between the tvs.

as for the wedding, it is the last thing i wanna watch. a glimpse of the event show a pale and dull affairs. the commercial aspect of it is a loath really.

watching the mawi & ina programme only reminding me of the tv and radio exploiting the whole saga for their interest. and radio erra continue to play up the issue in their following morning programme and perhaps for days to come.

as for siti, she has been my hate icon for years. watever she do and did nowadays bring nothing but disrescpectful.

and for mawi, i am not his fan really but i have to stand by him for what he did last nite. no tale whatsoever to be shared, sorry folks, private matters shall remain private matters. and for ina, i am sorry for her for not realising the real role of woman is to protect her man's name and property and she has done a bad job in it. a worst start if she wanna win him and his family back or even to start a new leave.

what ever it is the whole things are being played for ringgit and commercial interest. even our independence and patriotic matters are taking the back seat. and whoever tangled up in it shall have a tough job to have and to hold the sane and pure value.


Thursday, August 17, 2006

Forgive me my son, for what i am ...


"Forgive me my soul for what I am

Deceiver, disgrace, do as i please

Yes it’s me

And it’s true "


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Teka Tekuk.


"Sinaran bintang bintang
Menyinari hidupku
Namun hatiku sepi... "

- sapa tau prosa di atas di petik dari mana den banjo kueh pau mo kupi o :) hehehehe


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Broken Hearted.

"i thot u are so messed up that u can't love anyone. But i was wrong "
"you just can't love me"
- House series -

Monday, August 07, 2006

Peristiwa Ari Jumaat : Lima - Sembang Kusung.

out of my expectation, in the last Friday prayer sermon the Khatib did mention about the apostate issue with special mention to Constitution's Article 11. and he or the sermon's content did take a swept to all the bad influences that attacking our teens including the black metal cultures which left me with a big grind.
apostate issue has been long existed ever since the 50's if i am not mistaken with the Natrah issue. since then there were many but all have gone into the history with the buzz died off over the time. but this time the Lina Joy case is a bit difference cause it is about to set the landmark ruling on the issue of one's freedom to choose of his/her religion as mention in the Constitution's Article 11.
it is now up to the learned Judges' interpretation of the Article 11's meaning.
as far as my kaput memories goes, as our nations is desribed as the constitutional democratic country, the power and authority is separated into three pillars; (1) a legislative which is the elected representative who will propose, table and approve any laws and even amend the constitution thru 2/3 majority, (2) executive power which is the appointed government servant who will carry and doing the country's administration as well as uphold the laws and lastly (3) the judiciary who will translate and decide on any case of the laws. all three are supposed to be independent from each other.
the constitution is deemed as the highest law of the nation of which any laws that been passed by the legislatures must be within its meaning and definition. the task to translate and passed the ruling is up to the court of law. and the court of law is further divided into a secular/civil and the syariah of which more than ever the secular/civil court is seen as the one that have the upper hand over the latter.
should the articles 11 is defined as a true freedom of one's to choose his/her religion without ever considering the religion itself that forbid and condemn the apostate which will favour the individual rite rather than than the religion itself and it's others followers at large, then the last recourse is to amend the article 11 itself. but can the 2/3 majority vote be secured?
but whether the majority vote can be secured or note it is a pre-mature to be discussed. whether the motion can be put forward in the representative house is the main issue. will it?
i guess the major concern for the moslem is to hold the dignity of the religion itself. as it was clearly stated that any apostate shall not be allowed and must be punished and if war is necessary then war it shud be. some quarters believe this is the task that they should shoulder on.
lets just say that there is one provision in islam which do not goes well with one individual then with a blink of an eye he or she just opt to change his/her religion into another. and so on she or he will keep hop on if he or she find the similar case with other religion. not sure with other religion but islam doesnt condone such act. in the past that is what people do with the mobile phone company. the user defaulted with one company then hop on to others and so on until he/she defaulted to all the companies. it only stopped once all the mobile company sign an agreement to share the list of blacklisted users to curb the problem.
but i guess the main issue is how well a moslem understand his/her own religion. meaning that if he or she don't even have a sufficient knowledge about islam then how can he/she expect others of non-moslem to understand and respect the islam teaching itself. as i was sitting listening to the sermon i can't help but thinking about two matters.
it is a practice that after performing the solat sunat either the tahiyyatul masjid or sunat jumaat one will shove his hand to the jemaah sitting next to him to shake hand. it is a normal thing to do except that when the khatib is reading out his sermon then it became a wrong thing to do. as it shall disturb the others from listening to the sermon. how many of us realize this?
and as for the architect, an highly educated and a professional, i always have the problem with the access door as well as the way they built the wudhu' place. the access door or the stair case normally are not wide enuff to cater for the mass jemaah on friday or festive prayer. as for the wudhu' place the water pipe location was wrongly built as the moslem butt will be pointed towards the kiblat which actually not recommended. with the assumption that the architect that design the mosque is indeed a moslem then how can he/she miss the point?
if the above two matters are used to measure the knowledge of moslem on islam itself, i wonder how many that really understand the apostate issue and let alone understand the article 11. are we barking the rite tree?

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Beautiful and Sexy Lady on Screen.

i wanted to write about this for quite sometimes but my unability to post a picture stop me. today am still unable to post a picture and i decided not to wait anymore. as am not sure when the problem could be steered away.

once i was asked who are the woman that i think is beautiful or that i like. the woman being referred to as the actress or popular faces on the tv or silver screen.

all along the local actress that i favour is Jasmin. she got the look. and her long leg is one thing abt her that most fascinated apart from her sexy lips and voice. but there is one lady that i find most beautiful that is Rita Rudaini. well ... she got the face almost perfect plus her long beautiful hair. her nose is the most outstanding. and one lady that at i find sexy of all is Mas Idayu the dangdut singer. am not sure wat abt her that sexy either her voluptuos body and curly hair or the thot of her doing the dangdut gelek routine.

don't mistake me. most of the lady appear on the tv screen or silver screen are infact beautiful such as Xandria or Marion or Jojo on the Astro. or Norashiken the RTM newscaster. Erra Fazira the singer and actress. but one look at their flat chest will not invite my second look.

even the one that i favour or mentioned the above are just the figures that just love to watch and nothing more. don't think there is anyone that i find most adorable.

and how about the hollywood or bollywood ladies? well ... lets just stop here. lets just save it for another day.


You Are My Only One.


Here I go, scream my lungs out and try to get to you
You are my only one

- Only One. By Yellowcard. Ocean Avenue Album, 2003.