Friday, September 29, 2006

bulan dan bintang-bintang di langit ...


dan bintang-bintang
tetapkan hadir di langit malam
bersinar berkelipan
untuk mereka yang bangun bertahajjud
juga untuk mereka yang tidur lena
serta untuk mereka yang berdansa alpa
untuk semua.

siapa yang mendongak
dengan mata hati terbuka
dia lah yang melihat kebesaran
dia lah yang menyaksi kebenaran
petunjuk dan hidayah yang di minta
itulah dia di dada langit.


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

When The Lion Is Hungry ....


i am looking forward for the fasting month. don't ask me why but i guess we all know the reasons.

as usual the hunger can really be a disturbance to my emotion and judgement. as was last time i wud be easily angry and mad and i can't think straight amd always lost my patience. it show clearly when i am driving. at my worst a few years back i wud drive fast and faster and cut at every junction, traffic lite, que and etc etc.

this time around i noticed it all coming back. guess i have to really check my self. check my anger. check my patience. check my judgement.

damn sleepy in the morning. damn cold in the office and damn lazy at nite ....

sighhh ...


Thursday, September 21, 2006

Berilah Kesempatan.


kelopak-kelopak mawar
berguguran kering
mewarnai merah
bumi yang tandus.

senyap-senyap ia mendongak ke langit
berharap hujan kan turun segera
basahkan lah tanah yang keras
lunturkan debu-debu yang terpalit
suburkanlah segala kehidupan.

moga berlalu episod kemarau ini
harap-harap terampunlah kesilapan silam.


Friday, September 15, 2006

Berlari Ke Langit. Mengejar Pelangi. Tiga.


dengan kaki berdarah
berlari tempang
bertongkatkan kayu
masih aku berlari
ke kaki langit
pelangi indah
ingin tangan ku gapai
kerna dalam hati
sudah pun ia terlarik
menjadi mimpi
di siang atau malam hari
kala tidur atau terjaga
tika panas atau hujan
walau akal sudah berbisik
mimpi manis
kan menjadi igauan.


Berlari Ke Langit. Mengejar Pelangi. Dua.


di ufuk langit
pelangi indah terlukis
aku yang terpesona
leka berlari mengejar
terlupa onak di daratan
kaki terluka berdarah.


Berlari ke langit. Mengejar Pelangi.


mentari mengintai di balik awan
memerhatikan sinarnya
dibelahi rintik hujan
aku yang berlari
ke kaki langit
mengejar pelangi
mungkin hajat tak kesampaian.


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

owhhh ... i was wrong ehh?

somewhere in August last year when i committed myself into a relationship i have to forgo a wall i built protecting my real identity to the whole world. the wall built with the interest of people closed to me. but then i demolished it without hesitation. i done it without any regrets. even till now.

from there on there were no lies about myself to the virtual world. the same goes in my real life as well.

i promised myself long time ago when i turned a new chapter of my life as soon as i stepped into a high education place that i would never tell lies again. regardless what are the prices. as i told myself the truth does hurt but it will make our life much simpler and our soul pure and intact.

not to say that i never lies since then. but most of the times people around me should be able to see thru me of what i am. i have been trying to be transparent as much i could. to my kids. to my wife. to my frens. and to those closed to me.

but last nite something kinda hit me ...

shud i let them see thru me instead of look at me?


ia berlaku juga akhirnya ...

it happened last week ...

on the way back home we stopped at the durian stall by the road to buy durian offcourse. my wife came down followed by me. i got to select the fruits myself as i am better at ot compare dto my wife.

once done i load the fruits at the back of the car while my wife opened the passenger door to enter into the car. then i hurried to the door while looking at the oncoming traffic. it was empty and no car. the light at the traffice lite probably is red stopping the oncoming car.

still in the hurry i got myself into the car while looking at the side mirror of the car, watching for the road. it is still empty except for one bike slowly approaching us. as the bike is still far away i rushed to ignite the engine and drove off the car. i swear i remember the passenger door was slamed earlier then i assumed my wife is already in the car.

as i sped off i can hear there were a scream but not to sure who's voice and why. still my eyes concentrating on the side mirror watching for the bike. i quickly stepped on the gas pedal to reach a safet and normal speed.

'ayah ... mama tinggal' suddenly my son told me.

i looked back and there were no sight of my wife in the car. i just broke into a laughter.

apparently my wife forgot to take the change when she opened the car door. she went to get the change and not before she shut the door.

she got to walk about 100 metres where i stopped the car. muka dia tak yah cakap la .... sib baik i was in the comical mood ... everything turn out fine.

note : the earlier posting was a fiction as i trying out my fingers on the keyboard trying to create comedy material. :) then tetiba it happened which is why i was smiling and laughing on the occasion.


Monday, September 11, 2006

Exit The Master. Enter The New Legend To Be.

of a few things i look forward during the weekend is sitting in front of the tv tube and watching the sport channel for F1, MotoGp and Tiger Woods. basically watching these Legends in action and crafting their names in history.

last weekend was a good one as i was able to watch the MotoGp as well as F1 and my heroes won their race respectively.

in MotoGP Valentino 'the Doctor' Rossi won the race after exchanging the lead with fellow compatriot Capirossi on Ducati. it was exciting race. the won left him with abt 26 points short of the Championship leader with four races to go. he only hope is for Nicky Hayden to register DNF in one of the remaining GPs.

the highlight was definitely F1. such a long time i haven't got my heart beat so fast while watching the race and it was definitely one of the race that got my butt of the couch. there are two reasons ... one coz Mat Sumatke looking to win the race and anothers coz Kubica was driving fantastically for Sauber for the last place of podium.

it was an emotional win for Mat Sumatke and the whole team as well as the italian tifosi and his/ferrari fans on the whole world. it was such a fruitful day for them to clawback into the championship race withing 2 points adrift from 12 points earlier on and to overtook the constructor championship.

it was emotional as it was the designated time for Mat Sumatke to announce his retirement at Ferrari home race. and to do it with a win and fantastic result it was such a blessed day.

this is the Champ that risk it all by joining Ferrari, a team that never won any races for 20 years. his task is to drive the team towards the top of the podium and he successfully done that in 2000. it should have done it in 1999 should he not broke his leg in an accident during Silverstone GP race. from then on they are the formidable team for 4 years until few GP's regulations chaanged seem to turn a bad luck on their side.

what a good occasion to bid a farewell when the team is on the rebounding. as people say never leave your shit behind. he done that.

without doubt the man had his nemesis as well. whether inside or outside the F1 circus. even Briatore whom they together won F1 championship for two years said he is not the star of F1 but merely a champ and down play his name below aryton senna. is it jus becoz he did not do any antics outside the race circuits? just ask his fans how they rate him. but as the saying ... to excel is to be mis-understood.

with his demise then a new blood will have a chance to step into a limelight adn creating the name of their own. last weekend saw another raw potential in the name of Kubica. to score a point on his F1 race ever (was later de-classified) and to stand on the podium on the third F1 race speak for itself on his talent. alonso and raikonen shall better watch out for this guy.

for the next three races i will definitely be glued in front of the tv screen again. as the pundit say ... Mat Sumatke will go on to win his eighth championship but renault remain a tough nut to crack.


Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Fallen Heroes.


"70 percent of the rescue workers who picked through the toxic debris of the World Trade Center after the September 11 attacks suffered respiratory problems" ... Reuters, Wednesday Sept. 6.

tho the report do not mentioned about any fatalities i believe there is or there are.

i have a chance of seating and talking to the chief of fire rescue station at my locality. and he did tell me about his peers and his comrades. he is in his fortys. he considered himself as real lucky to be well and healthy at his current age. coz most of his peers are not. they have aliments from various diseases and most of it from lung problem.

he did mentioned that some of the fire & rescue members that went to Indonesia to combat the pit and jungle fire have passed away a few years after their return from the mission. lung problems.

after years of combating fire getting rough in the toxic smoke and exposed or incurred injury in their daily routine jobs, most of them without doubt shall have health problems.

whether they are fully equipped to protect themselves while discharging their duties is really a separate issue.

but when they passed away or suffered the ailments, they have only themselves and their family as well as fellow comrades. no big hoohah in tv or tabloid.

who to be blamed? their department's PR?


Friday, September 01, 2006

adehh ...


ari tu den nak poie ko satu tompek ngan bini den. bini den masuk keto yo den pun toruih la jalan. dah lambek ni ha.

jalan dopan skit den pun mcm beso nak isap rokok la. rabo kocek baju kek dado ...tak do rokok. rabo poket suar..kanan takdo. kiri takdo. ossah ehh tertinggal ni. den pun buek u-turn balik umah amik rokok..... sodap ehhh isap rokok.

tongah isap rokok tetibo tokak den raso koring ternatuk batuk. den pun nak minum air la. den capai botol air mineral water tu ... ehh ringan lak. la.... dah abih air ehhh. nak tak nak den buek u -turn balik ... sampai umah den suruh bini den poie isi an air mineral dalam botol tu .... dah setel sumo start balik la perjalanan.

tak lamo yo jalan den tanyo bini den yang duduk kek blakang ... tahu ko mcm mano nak poie tompek yg di tuju tu. bini den koba tak tahu...'ikut yo lah map dlm kad jemputan tu' koba ehh. den pun tanyo balik..."mano map ehh?". "ehh...atas meja depan tu...abang tak amik ke tadi?" bini den tanyo balik. sudahhh ... tertinggal lah ni. nak tak nak den kono la wat u-turn yang ke sekian kali ...

den pun masuk umah sambar kad jemputan/map ateh meja. erkk...sakit yut lak. den pun poie la melabur dulu. dah baih tu copek copek den kunci umah, masuk keto den pun toruih jalan. mulut den dah membebel-bebel dah ".... bla bla bli bli "peh ni apo yo yang tinggal tak koso den nak pusing. poie yo lah... bla bla bli bli ...." bini den sonyap yo takdo respons. anak anak den pun sonyap yo tercongang. tapi dah lamo tu sonyap gak... den toleh blakang ... ehh...takdo bini den!!!

"mano poie ehh omak kau ni?" den tanyo kek anak lelaki sulung den yg jadik co pilot.
"siram pokok munger ...." dio jawab.

adehh .... kono u turn balik ....


Math ... when 2 plus 2 is not 4.

heading to Turkey GP alonso was leading the championsip with 10 points over MatSumatke. the latter is looking forward to slash the points difference in the wake of Ferrari improvement of speed and tyre reliability.

at the end due to own and team error, MatSumatke only managed to finish the Turkey GP at third position behind Alonso. most of the times during the race, after the 13th laps to be exact, he was tailing alonso and cudnt find the way to overtake him until the chequered flag. he scored 6 points against alonso of 8 points. he is now going back with 12 championship points behind alonso.

what if he manage to overtake alonso and come home second to Massa? he would have reduce the gap to 8 points! thus the real lost opportunity to reduce the gap is actually 4 points instead of 2.

and what if he didn't commit the error in the qualifying and the team didn't make the wrong move during the 13th lap fracas and he come home as the GP winner followed by Massa? he would have slashed the championship gap to 6 points. making the real opportunity lost of 6 points gap. this is actually what he and the team had hope for when they came to Turkey GP. definitely hoping for alonso DNF the race or did not score any championship points is much much better but looking at renault fine reliability as well as the defending champion's credibility of not making any mistake, that hope looks very much slim.

4 GPs are left to go. most of the teams' managers are betting MatSumatke will win the championship. it is a rare achievement that a defending champion is able to hold and keep the title and it will be a tough task for alonso. but he is a very talented driver. no doubt about it. however MatSumatke is also a very talented and a skilled champion he is who have a lot of experiences and GP's tricks under his sleeve.

my money is on MatSumatke to win. the driver that i have been cheered on since 1998. till he seal the championship in his bag i'll have to bear and willing to do some mathematics in my head. this is definitely not 2 plus 2 is 4.