Thursday, November 23, 2006

Patient is a virtue.


working life is very hectic nowadays. i don't mind to work hard and extra hours. but to do meaningless and stupid works are something else. at the end we became a robot executing whatever orders that been given without any thinking and consideration. just execute it. if the result shall bring material impact in the future then let it be.

it is not my money anyway.



Friday, November 17, 2006

gambar lagi ...

ni gambar dpt adiah bezday. adiah sempoi2 jek. :)) hehehehe. yang besh nyer nampak klaka lak rambut yg baru nak panjang tu.

*tgh lepas gian post gamba ni*

Hate Me.

Hate me today
Hate me tomorrow
Hate me for all the things I didn’t do for you
- Blue October : Hate Me -
"bapakkk lama aku donlod lagu ni"

Thursday, November 16, 2006


posing2 sebelum nyala lilin.

acara putun kek

posing2 sebelum nyala lilin 2.

tak silap den la kek bezday ateh ni untuk si juber dalam bulan lapan yang lopeh. bulan kemerdekaan. pertama kali order kek ngan dak bulat ... siap ada toys. kalo dah ada toys kene order cukup2 empat ... kalo tak jawab ehh bergaduh lak anak2 den lopeh putun kek tu nanti.

sapo2 nak order kek tu poie la melawat blog dak bulat yg den bubuh link nya kat sebelah ni ha. (kalo takdo komisen peh ni tak tahu la den ... )

cukup la gambar tiga keping ni untuk den melepas windu dendam dah lama tak leh post gamba. untuk gamba2 yang seksi lagi mengguder .. sila tunggu dan harap bersabar ...


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Temptations ...


been avoiding nasi and bread and all grains foods for a few weeks now. i knew it will never be easy.
basically i just eat meat, chicken, fish, vegetables and fruits. and also nuts :D.
one thing for sure this diet is not cheap!
my wife have a little hard time to figure out what to cook for me.
when i went to weddings and raya open house there basically nothing much i could eat. ended up i just had a drink.
but that did not avoid me from being the typical me. on my fren/colleague wedding i asked him to cut for us the wedding cake served on the 'pengantin table'. even my boss were jokingly said i was bullying the pengantin. off course i did not eat that cake. the cake is for my family and my others colleague who were there as well.
i just started my puasa enam. today wud be the third day. this week i cud only manage to do 4 day and plan for the other 2 days for next week. if my weight doesnt come down much i would probably just continue the fasting.
my other boss called my fasting as 'puasa lapan' coz he said the puasa enam shud be done at the early month of syawal. at this time it seems that i continue the puasa enam and that is why he called it puasa lapan. he can call it whatever he want it. he just don't know what are the names we use to call him. i was in a discussion with him yesterday from about 5.15pm. as usual any discussion with him will drag on and on. he asked for my opinions several times. when the time show it was past 6.00 pm i just told him thati dont have any idea as i just want to go home. reluctantly he has to let me go :D.
got an SMS from the MD later on the way home. he asked me to join the lunch function with his 'CEO circular members meeting' tomorrow. i just reply that i have to pass since i am on my fasting streaks. if i dont fast i dont think i can take much of the menu that they serve anyway. to socialise with them i can just mingle with them without having to eat or drink. exactly what i did this morning when i say hi to the members while they having their breakfast.
later on the boss secretary look for me but i was busy. later she call informing she reserve some of my favourite cakes for me and asking me to come up for my breakfast. told her i cant since i am fasting. she told me not to fast since next week i can still do it. no cant do. got to adhere to my schedule. at the end she just tapau those cakes.
the thing is if i follow my diet i cant take those cakes also. probably they will ended up in my kids hands and mouth :D.
my son was not well yesterday. he had high fever. i took him to the clinic last nite. infection at his tonsil is probably the cause. i took the opportunity to stand on the weight scale. about 73.5 kg. so little progress. the target is 70 kg before i should revise down to final weight of 65 kg. mebbe i shud do stret diet. must exclude oily foods this time around. must do exercise alternate days of not everyday. even now everytime i look myself in the mirror 'geram jek tengok' my flabby stomach. that the part of my body that been holding most of my fat.
at month end i would have to review my progress again. hopefully i cud hit the 70 kg target by then. hopefully ... even my mom's cooking cant take me away from my diet.
next target is fitness and muscle. budget! budget! budget! again it will not be a cheap deals!
the photo above will be the referral for before and after :D ekekekeke.
oppss ... this new blogspot enable me to post picture again! hoorraayy!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

My Kids.


my kids got their exam result, finally. nothing spectacular but overall both of them, suaraya and ibai have improved from the previous term's result. sueraya though her position only slightly improved her percentage improved a lot. and ibai, his position and percentage improved substantially tho he remain in middle class unlike her sister who study in prime class. i expect nothing much from him since the exam was in fasting month and he actually didnt study much, at day he slept probably tired due to fasting and at nite he followed me for tarawih without missing a single day.

and next year i got to see them to study well. got to teach them to use a time table. phew ... going to be whirlwind year i guess. hopefully i would learn to tame my angst and be patient with them.

next year a'id probably will be sent to tadika. dunno which one yet. am not too worry about him. i think he will do good in his study or his class. and if he leave for pre-school session, meaning jubir will be left alone with his babysitter. interesting to see how he will react to that.

that all are for next year. the school holiday are just a few days away. got to think how to make them busy. otherwise they will play the whole day and making noise. afraid that they will drive my neighbour, the german chap crazy ...


Yang Terakhir ...


pohon ara sebatang kara
terpacak kaku termenung sepi
sendirian dia selama-lamanya
akhirnya akan menjadi sebatang tunggul
di tengah-tengah daratan kontang
apabila putik terakhir
kering dan gugur
dimamah mentari terik dan angin kering.


Friday, November 10, 2006

Ringkas ...


i am very the very bizi after raya ni. my colleague went off on maternity leave ahead of schedule thus no real and good handover was done. as a result things are haywire. slowly we trying to patch things up to bring everything back on track and within control.

due to the above can't post much. secara trengkas nya dah la ya ...

a couple of week ago i brought my car to check on its aircond. dah tak sejuk. and the airflow was minimal. everyone including my referred mechanic suspected it ran out of gas. but i suspected differently dua to minimal airflow. once let the aircond mechanic guy check it out ... the gas still full. thus servicing required. the damage was RM200/-.

but the story was when the car is almost done then one pimped out car entered the workshop. it was a Toyota AE86. fully souped out. under the hood is if i am not mistaken is a Levin 4 throttle black cover engine with kedai potong retail value of RM7,000/-. it was claimed that this engine can easily leave any other 2 litre engine souped car. the track record at Sepang was cited. the interior and dashboard was kept at original except for the Nardi steering wheel and the digital speedo meter. no other gadgets on the dashboard as it wasnt a turbo charged car. the tyre is Bridgestone Potenza. i dont bother to check on the details.

it was reported that the car w/o the modification at normal condition was sell at RM30,000. quite expensive.

if only i got the money ....