Wednesday, April 28, 2010

i believe i can fly ... II.

sonok gak masa nak g p. langkawi nih. kira nya abih da pulau2 besar kat malaysia ni pak cik dah melawat. p. pangkor. p. tioman. skrg p. langkawi plak. p. pinang x kira aaaa. tu pun da manyak kali g.

main event nya adalah cable car. nice experience gak la. cuma pak cik tak berhenti di stesen pertama atau stesen tengah. terus je naik ke puncak. kemudian pergi ke jambatan gantung nya. perghh .. mencurah2 peluh.
cantik permandangan kat atas tu. rasa tak cukup masa stengah jam yang di beri. kalo leh lepak lelama abis pak cik tangkap gambo sumer.
kete kabel ni adalah d gunung mat cincang. puncak kete kabel ni di katakan terletak di hidung mat cincang. jambatan gantung pula di mulut mat cincang.
curam betul bahagian atas ni. mesti ramai yg seriau kan?
ni gambo malam ke dua. seblom keluar gi dinner.
pantai, laut dan pemandangan di langkawi memang cantik. pasir nya putih. tapi entah mengapa pak cik x de mood nak mandi laut. asyik dok melepak kat kolam renang ngan jakuzi. mungkinkah di sebabkan minah2 saleh yg pakai 2 piece di situ?

banjaran gunung ganang yang sayup sayup kelihatan itulah terletak nya gunung mat cincang. di mana kete kabel langkawi di bina. tak pasti pula jika gunung raya juga terletak d banjaran yang sama.
di kolam renang dan d kolan jakuzi inilah pak cik menghabiskan masa d sebelah petang. exercise sambil cuci mata :)) hik hik hik
gambar di ambil dari bilik pak cik. on the ground level. dekat ngan kolam renang. dekat dengan tempat makan. secara keseluruhan ... bagus tempat penginapan ni. cuma masa mula2 sampai tu .. cari bilik tak jumpa. pak cik tanya minah yg serbis kat cafe tu .. dia plak salah bagi arah tuju. rasa nak sepak je dia. tak tahu jangan wat2 pandai. penat taw angkat beg.
acara makan memang besh. first nite makan bbq d hotel tepi pantai. pak cik bedal lobster puas2. esok nya makan tghari d restoran thai. berpeluh2 sebab panas dan pedas. malam nya makan di schrimp restoran. tepi kolam udang/ketam. bapak besar udang ngan ketam dia. bedalll!! jgn x bedal. sib baik cepat makan sebab pakai tangan jek. penghujung nya hujan turun mencurah2. pestaim makan dlm hujan :)). esok nya makan tghari d bamboo restoran. makan atas plantar atas laut. seafood lagi.
acara main event seblom balik adalah sopping. mak aiii .. pinggan mangkuk periuk kuali belanga. kain baju tok sah kira la. coklat lagi. abih duit pak cik :)) muahahaha
perjalananan balik .. mendung jek. tapi sepanjang perjalananan atau pun penerbangan, lancar dan tiada sebarang masalah. pak cik pun tiada kes kecemasan lagi. sampai di subang airport, basah jek. konon nya hujan lebat tadi. alhamdulillah.
da sampai rumah, punggah baju yang perlu di cuci. punggah hasil pembelian. dan rehat. penat seyh. sambil tu berkira2 nak gi ke pulau2 yang kecik pulak. ada satu destinasi yang berlegar2 dalam kepala. dpt tak pergi rasanya dlm tawon ni ...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Movie Reviews. Part II.

to me, he is one of the most influential movie and hollywood figures nowadays. but one can not deny his acting talents and ability. look at his movie 'cast away'. almost entirely he is just talking to himself and to a volleyball. but still the movie was a box office. there are just so many of his movies that if not brilliant but good and pleasant to watch. his movie i like the most is 'forrest gump'.

the one and only, the most sellable action movie actor in hollywood, arnold scwharzenegger. almost all of his movies are action movie. he just have to flex his muscle and do some face mimicking. no need to talk. his script can be put to minimal. hist best movies to me are 'conan the barbarian' and 'the predator'. should i can only choose one, it would be the former.

in my previous post .. i did mention about this guy, sam worthinton, who acted in terminator 4. his acting and screen presence was much better than the movie lead star. later on he appeared in other blockbuster movie namely avatar and clash of the titan. tho he may not be an actor that i would surely attracted to see his movie, but am convinced that he will be someday.

this guy, denzel washington, acted in many well received movies. beyond doubt he is a very fabulous actor. and he is well respected by his own peers and stars. his movie that i like the most is 'malcolm x'. very inspiring.

one of the most gifted actors from down under, heath ledger. his best performance was in 'the dark knight'. his death did not pushed the movie tickets sales but his brilliant acting. definitely his best movie. i first saw him the movie 'A knight's tale'.

here the most bizzrare and peculiar actor. johny depp. just look at the movies that he chosed to act. very unorthodox roles. his best movie to me is 'pirate of the caribbean'. the first one definitely.

last but not least, mel gibson. the most senior brilliant actor and producer from down under. lots and lots of movie he acted in. all of them are enjoyable. his acting are well across all genres including comedy. have u watched his movie 'the maverick'? u'll know what i mean if you did. but his most likeable movie to me is 'the hamlet'. the only other actor that ably to pull crowd even with nothing but talk, talk and talk non stop in his movie.

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Monday, April 26, 2010

i believe i can fly ...

pak cik baru pulang dari cuti2 malaysia di langkawi. menarik dan tertarik. nanti lah pak cik cerita lebih lanjut.

cuma satu pak cik nak nyatakan di sini. perkhidmatan 'kelip-kelip' atau 'kunang-kunang' atau pun firefly memang bagus. lebih bagus dari MAS. lebih lebih lagi dari airasia. jadual nya tepat. layanan kru daratan dan di udara memang cukup bagus. terasa tidak sesia duit di belanjakan bayar tiket kapalterbang dan perkhidmatan mereka ini. siapa bos firefly ni memang patut di beri pujian.

terutama seorang pramugari dalam perjalanan ke langkawi. pak cik ada kes 'kecemasan' di atas kapalterbang. dia dengan cermat dan sopan nya menjemput pak cik ke 'bilik rawatan'. ini lah pertama kali pak cik menunaikan hajat besar di awan biru. agak kesal juga pak cik tak ambil gambar beliau. kalau tidak ... boleh pak cik tampal di sini. kalo pak cik bujang dan dia pun bujang, harus pak cik hantar rombongan meminang ke rumah orang tua nya. kalau pun dia tak sudi, akan pak cik lambak kan se-lori intan berlian emas permata di depan rumah orang tua nya. bakal ibu bapa mertua pasti berkenan dan menjadi sudi.

sekian terima kaseh.


kelip-kelip ku sangka api
kalau api mana asap nyer
hilang ghaib ku sangka mati
kalau mati mana kubur nya?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Movie Reviews.

i've trouble to sleep and it getting worst lately. screening of a few good movies late at night by astro is not helping me either.

have you watched 'the blind side' starred by sandra bullock which thru it she earned her first oscar? it is really a gud n beautiful movie. i can't help but noticed it kinda shows a lifestyle of a good christian family. and it is a true story. i just wonder how is the lifestyle of a good moslem family. am aware am not living one.

last few days i watched 'phenomenom' a movie starring john travolta. for me this is by far the most likeable movie by him. it is a story of a man who suddenly have a gift of outrageous sense of thinking and understanding. only later to find out it is a side effect of a large tumor inside his head.

last couple of weeks astro screened the movie of 'the godfather 1' and 'the godfather 2'. part 1 is starred by al pacino alone while in part 2 he starred along side robert de niro. these two movies are well known as the masterpieces by the acclaimed director francis ford coppola. the performance of his two stars in their youngster years are very much enjoyable. most people would not recognize these two stars in these movies because they were so young.

i have other few favourite actors. i would tag them along their most liking movies to me. bruce willis in 'the sixth sense'. will smith in 'the independence day'. matt damon in 'good will hunting'.

just to name a few. others like denzel washington are russel crowe are also in the list but perhaps later on i will touch on them.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Posted Note.

Just a note to myself. need to crap about the following:
1) America.
2) Toyota.
3) movie review.

these three subjects have been lingering in my heads for sometimes but forgot or no time to write them in here.

this self as a note to myself in case i forgot or do not know what to write when i already opened 'new post entry' page and my fingers dancing over the keyboards.

When Mother Nature Talk.

What happened when iceland's volcano erupted and spit her ashes? in term of weather? economic? human spirit?

the news spinning mainly on the interruption it cause to european airports operation and airlines transportation. of which spilled effects affecting worlwide airline businesses including our own. thousands and millions passenger stucked at the airports around the globe.

motogp scheduled for this weekend already been cancelled and postpone to october. F1 gp race scheduled in early may currently still being hopeful to be on schedule. tho currently its cars, equipments and crews are still stranded at china.

there is no incoming or arrival of new tourist into malaysia. and vice versa. guess how many of us couldn't enter UK for the past 4 or 5 days? do you know that KL-London route are one of the busiest from KLIA?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Heaven or Hell - A Kabaret Twist.

I did blog hopping and stumbled upon smokers bashing. Since I was a smoker, I can’t help but to feel uneasiness and kinda sadness. Sorrow is a big word for it. I guess. I also can’t help but to recall the harsh words and actions against me when I was schooling. The teachers that supposed to guide and make example of themselves of fairness hazardously leading me to the door or revenge, hatred and retaliations.

How do you curtail evil? How do you approach a hardcore criminal? How do you turnover a lost soul? How do you educate a stubborn kids? By tounge lashings?

This and plus other similar thing that occurred, occupied my minds till I have to pen my thot as follows.

Islam is strict and rigid but at the same time it is easy and convenience. If you murder someone, than you are also capitally punishable by death. There’s no alternative. That’s the only punishment for it. However, if the family victim agreed to blood money, then you might escape from journey to the other world. The only prescribed way of death punishment is by decapitated. The scene is horrific and looks cruel isn’t? sexactly as claimed by western world. But it is also the most efficient and less suffering to the damned murderer. HE creates the whole world and HE know best what suited for the world itself including the man and woman who are pale minion compared to the whole world and universe itself.

There is no such thing as majority system in Islam. Silence majority do not exist. Nor the cast of majority to determine right or wrong. It shall purely based on what been decided and prescribed in Quran and Sunnah. Otherwise we will continue to see majority of germans, Italians and Japanese concurred and allow the atrocities during world wars. Even we are now allowing the syarie laws not being ruled and practice fully but in partial.

HE is the most mighty and yet the most compassion. This is truly shown and practiced by HIS last and most beloved messenger. Our messenger. He never use harsh word, cruel approach and barbaric methods in preaching and spreading HIS words. His movement of ‘daie’ is full with love and compassion. Especially to woman and children. War was only the last resort when the Moslem community itself facing war threat.

When most of all the previous messenger defeated by frustration, our messenger didn’t. When the previous messenger abide to God’ impending punishment to the disobeyed community or even asked God to carry out the promised punishment, our messenger prayed for the disobeyed community for no harm to come to them and may they able to finally see and accept the truth of his preaching. Even when they hurt him.

Moslem is promised heaven in the world after. Those who disobey to embrace Islam are promised with hell. But is the reward and punishment system is all there are? Or because it is a simple method understood by human? After all that is how we live our life. You love me then I will love you back. If you hate me then I will hate you back. Working from 9 to 5 then I will be paid with certain salary. If I work sextra time than I will be entitled for overtime. If I work harder then I will get higher bonus. This is life that we are living.

How many of us actually practicing unconditionally love? How many of us working without pay serving the less unfortunate people. Or simply extending cash assistance and or energy and efforts without asking or hoping for return?

But most of us will fail to enter heaven on the first knocking. We will have to pay for our sins first in hell. How many of us believe that with 5 times prayer a day, a hajj, a month of fasting, a tithe will enable us to cross the bridge to heaven? Is it sufficient and good enough for heaven’s ticket? How sure are we that our sins do not out weight our good deeds? Furthermore hate and jealousy is the cancer in human heart. Insincerity will tarnish our good deeds. Including the five Islamic foundations that we performed. Again, how sure are we of our prospect in the after life? Or we just don’t care?

Perhaps that is why our messenger teach us about the good faith and good heart. To be compassioned. He believe we can rely and claimed on HIS compassionate to escape the fire of hell.

If we look carefully, there is much to this life and the world other than reward and punishment system. Karma is not the only system that working on clock to admin the earth and earthlings. If we really insists on just, blind justice without any other factor as variable to it, to be honest how many of us believed we deserved to be where we are now? To have what we have? To own what we owned? Importantly, not to suffer or pay of our past doings? How many of us sleep and play during 9-5 working hours and yet happily collecting full salary? Is it right or wrong?

Our messegger told us there is no curse nor infectious diseases in this world except for what and when HE allowed it to happen. But what he like the most is a good word being said to each other. Good faith and compassion is the key to unlock various conflicts and disaster we see today. Be it on universe, global, regional, family or personal level.

Be strict and firm but at the same time be compassioned. Good heart and good faith will drive good words from our minds and tongue.

We should hate the crime and wrongdoings but not the criminal or the villain. By right we should pray for them. With that maybe on the verge of falling into the fire of hell, our messenger will pray for our safety and forgiveness and we will be spared. Hopefully.

May I be given the will to have a good faith, to say good words and to do good actions at all times to everyone.

May we all be blessed.

BS. 2:47am. 10 April.

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down but not out.

i am down with flu now. since last friday. hope it is nothing bad nor worst.

took the medication yesterday and got an mc. been sleeping from noon till early of the nite. woke up quickly went about to settle few things like getting an hair cut and bought worm for my fishes. today still not feeling well and how i wish i could lay nack and just sleep. :(

fist race of motogo was concluded. valentino rossi won! yeayyyy!! followed by lorenzo. petronas peoples must be smiling to their ears. good coverage. notes also the words of "semakin ke depan" on the coverall and bikes but not sure what is was for. i guess it is for petronas synthium's motorcycle lubricant. been trying to look for it at petronas website but to no avail. and malaysian rider in 125cc did finish at 21 positions. outside the points.

tiger woods did not won US Master. he finished at 4th position. a failure to his own standard.

i was staying awake actually to watch these two events. but slept before the gold event concluded. i was too sleepy and looking at the tiger woods and phil mickelson games i just knew tiger woods won't win.

any other malaysian competing at international events last weekend? i thought our datuk squash playing in one event. can't say for sure. there is no wide media coverage. am too groggy to search on the net.

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Friday, April 09, 2010

sooner or later ...

i have not been exercising for well over three years. or four years perhaps. and i have abandoned healthy eating habits for over two years now. consequently i have to get bigger pants. worst .. the doctor warned me that my blood pressure is at 'border'. that top of the unhealthy feelings that i have.

i've been trying to sexercise but it all left at my mind. left as abandoned plans. until early this month. somehow i got the will to start jog and do mild sexercise. at the same time practicing as healthy eating habits as possible.

yesterday i weight myself. OMG! the typical weight show 82kg! then i hop on the guaranteed certified and calibrated weight scale. it show 81.2 kg! this goes to show i did no have an uphill battle ahead. but mountain high challenge? and this weight after a week of sexercising and dieting?

all night long i was pondering what will be my weight target? 75kG? 65 kg? and just to sooth my feeling i was telling myself ... nvm about the weight as long as i manage to get my fitness and healthy body back. lame assurance isn't it.

somehow, somewhere, sometime, more or less i got a target in my head. lets see what will be the achievement in one month from now.

sighhh ..

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

here we go ..

when april finally showing up, there is only one thing that i am mostly looking forward, motogp!

motogp will commence this weekend! hooray! am very sure the race will be even more awesome and tight this year.

all the best to valentino rossi. may petronas logo continued to be beamed all over the world!