Friday, February 20, 2009

bitching a bit ...

who knows where and how can i watch david letterman latenight show? is it anywhere on our tv channels? am very itchy to watch that old man. last time it was on ntv7 tho it was many many episodes behind.

i wish kumpulan sepah will win raja lawak astro season 3. it will be known about a month from now. this season kinda painfool to watch cause the are and were some participants who can be very pathetic at times. it kill when your comedy can't make peeps laugh.

i am very much prefer CSI last vegas than the other two franchises who are very much loathed dramatic and unrealistic.

why the tv broadcast ufc unleash and sport programme at midnite? by the way it finished it wayyyy past sleeping time. it is ironic cause amongst the principal rules for sports men and women is to get enough sleep.

errr ... enuff 4 now. later later i will continue :p

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

selintas lalu ...

malam ini kah cerita siri csi musim baru akan bermula? sexcited plak pak cik nak tgk.

secara pukul rata, semua citer siri di tv screen hanyalah ulangan. musim baru banyak yang bermula. pak cik pun dah lama tak gi lepak kedai dvd. tak dpt la beli citer2 siri musim baru yang dah ditayangkan di negara asalnya.

babak2 raja lawak musim ke 3 khasnya kumpulan sepah pun belum sempat pak cik nak donwlod lagi ...

jom tgk tv ... jom!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Where I Stood.

Here I stood
all alone
in this
darkened room

No where to turn
No where to go
losing myself
inside my own

Then out of the darkness
you saw my fragile body
on this floor

You picked me up
from out of
the shadows
and gave me
a love
that I have
never known

Where I stood
is now
where you
healed me

- where i stood. image and words by plasticastle of

- we always wait for something or someone or so called the right time to bounce from failure or despair. deep in our heart or far back of our mind, subsconciously we know it is up to us. no one and nothing can move us up but our own efforts. and offcourse a will, a strong will to overcome the enemy; our ownself.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

sorry. my life is not so rosy at the moment. but that really not an sexcuse ... i know.

my uncle passed away peacefully after more than 2 weeks in ICU at Malacca GH. after long battle, he finally succumbed to tyroid cancer. final caused of death ... renal failure.

one lesson that could be learned is, no matter how difficult life is, no matter what it is just take it to the stride. it is not a matter of death ain't it?

i have seen two cases recently that the next of kins was left with choice either to pull the plug or not for their loved one that lies in coma. a not so likebale situation isn't it? but that is what their predicament. but still ... it is not their life. wait until they have to choose something that concern theer life or death! then they or we will know how desperate and unfair life is.

until we reach to that point, just take everything else as a mere slap on the wrist. really .. anything else will be as easy as it is.

but that is far simply said than done isn't it? i know that ... that is my personal issue at the moment. till it take myself away from this blog. am sorry for that. really.