Friday, August 26, 2011

Live another day ..

we will celebrate eidul fitri soon. and we will also celebrate our national independence soon. but muammar gaddafi will celebrate hari raya on the run. fill with fugitive emotions.

yup .. america and nato has succeeded in toppling gaddafi regime. soon or later he will be captured. next target will be assad of syria.

one will not know what would be the arab continents politic geographical one day after all the people unrest fully subside. or will it ever? but i will put my money syiah will gain notorious power and authorities. this america and nato definitely well aware of. but as at now they most probably prefer to take immediate action against current nemesies first. other risk and danger will be dealt with later. on its own time.

alas .. turmoil and divided arab nations will still benefecial to them. one way or another.