Monday, June 26, 2006

Beware! A Pervert Is Here!

there might be people saying that i chat coz i am looking for a gilrfriend or girlfriends. or looking for a hole for my dick satisfy his needs. no comment from me on that.
but one thing for sure i will let people know that i am a pervert. coz sometimes or most of the times the questions i asked and my conversations stray towards 'pervetish' or adult contents in nature. don't need for me to explain why.
but using the pervert chat id help me to avoid having a communication with a saintly souls. therefore i won't be ended up hurting their feelings whatsoever. this is probably my main motive.
alas ... there are still people offended with the pervert id that i used. and then they will curse me either privately in pm box or in public that is in the chat room. as much as i was disturbed and furious with the wrong words that they choose to use especially when the pray for my dooms or bad things to occur on me, i just let them say what they wanna to say. when they are done they will leave me in peace.
i always rationalised it to myself that at least these people probably were offended coz of their true believe in their religion and they just wanna uphold what they believe is rite and push what they think is wrong.
but if they are not then there is nothing that i would and could do. if they just wanna seek fight with me or let go their anger to me coz they been cheated / raped by their gilrfriend / boyfriend or newly met chatter, just go ahead. it won't affect me a bit. i would just watching the computer screen in amaze.
i remember last time a lady cursed me horribly in the chat room. call me names and pray i wud die terribly. the reason just because of my pervert id.
the best thing is i know her and we used to chat but with me using my decent id. we even have met once. but she doesnt recognize me in my pervert id. she is a student in an international islamic high learning unit. but i don't want to comment on her religion knowledge. she got a boyfriend who is non-moslem. and she was once spotted with her boyfriend at klcc holding hand and hugging in public.

Ghost From The Past. II.


d'other nite i stumbled and keep on watching the rerun of AF4's Farhan sang gary moore's still got the blues on astro. not bad at all. she got a good voice. talented beyond doubt. but perfect ... still a long way to go.

i keep on watching coz she was singing one of my favourite song. it was one of the song that accompany me during my 3 years isolation and estranged times after my first love left me.

long time ago after i got married, there was one time while driving i played the song thru the cassete player in my car. my wife was sitting next to me. she know i liked the song very much and i think becoz of the lyric she is kinda don't like me listening the song. she was making faces and mumbling her dis-satisfaction.

i opened my car window and i ejected the cassete from the player. then i threw out the cassete.

no need for me to explain my wife reaction. but the journey then turn out to be the most silence ever.


ghost from the past.


"so many years
since I've seen your face
but here in my heart
there's an empty space
where you used to be"

- Still Got The Blues. Gary Moore. Still Got The Blues Album. 1990.


Friday, June 23, 2006

Setelah Hujan.


"Di balik kumpulan awan yang berarak
Ada cahaya yang terpancar
Mencelahi warna yang tadinya kelabu
Mega mendung rinduku"

. setelah hujan. search. lost collection album by polygram record due to copyrights issue. 1988.


Thursday, June 22, 2006

Dreaming Into Reality.


"I don't want to call my friends
They might wake me from this dream
And I can't leave this bed
Risk forgetting all that's been"

- Here With Me. Dido. No Angel Album. 1999.


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

of things they dunno that i know ...


i have a closed friend who call me names due to my 'kabaret' antics. i knew he has been flirting with girl(s) that i know. he thought i don't know that and he acted accordingly and gave contradicted statement. i was just smiling. not a word from me about the whole thing.

i know the real person of my female colleague. of her past. of her present. of her failed marriage. of her sexual mis-adventures. of her current affairs. but this i kept to my chest. she come to the office with a saintly character. a pure virgin from some village. let her be. none of my business.

in the past i know my love interest doing double on me. seeing other guy(s) and lurking behind me. saying things that she is not supposed to say. she think she managed to keep her mis-adventures from me. so let it be. a simple question from me asking about the whole thing was answered negatively. so be it. alas isn't it normal for girls in the current times to go out with more than one guy?

i know my wife did things that she is not supposed to do. even doing things i gave a tall order not to do it. but i acted as i dunno what has she done.

there are things that i am not supposed to know but somehow came to my knowledge. this include to all people around me. cause i make it as my business to know what am i doing and what i am getting myself into. thus i keep my eyes open and my ears wide.

but not necessarily i will confront them immediatle and right away. time is the factor. and most importantly the necessity for me to act.

just let them dunno that i know ... let see how far it goes ...


Monday, June 19, 2006


"Take my hand as I wander through
All my love I gave to you"

- Restless. Within Temptation. Enter Album. 1997.


Friday, June 16, 2006



bila mentari karam di lautan
tabir malam pun berlabuh
awan tebal berarak lalu
menyingkap lukisan di kubah dunia
taburan bintang-bintang berkelipan
memagar purnama penuh terang benderang
pungguk pun terpaku leka di dahan ara.


Thursday, June 15, 2006



bagaikan kapal di pukul ribut
hilang kemudi patah tiang layar
hanyut di bawa arus tanpa arah
kan terdamparkah ke daratan
entah di mana
atau kan karam terbenam dalam
tak bernesan.


Question. Question. Question.


"Tell me please
Who the fuck did you want me to be?"

- Please. Staind. Chapter V Album. 2005.


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Jom Kawen!!

aku nak citer pasal kawen. dah lama nak citer tapi asik terlupa jek. seblom aku terlupa lagi meh aku kasik stori dulu.

Kenduri :

aku ni jenis malas nak gi kenduri kawen. sebabnya aku ni bukan nya suka sangat makan lauk kenduri kawen ni. sebabnya? manyakkkkk ... kalo bebudak opis aku yang kawen jarang la aku pergi. kalo yang betul2 rapat jek baru aku gi. then selalunya aku gi sensorang jek. anak bini aku tak bawak. sampai bini aku tanya naper tak bawak dia? suka sangat gi kenduri kawen macam org bujang. ye lah kan. kenduri kawen slalunya masa cuti sekulah. biasanya masa cuti sekulah aku antar anak bini aku balik kampung. dah tu tak kan la aku nak pi amik dia pergi balik semata-mata nak gi kenduri kawen kan? kan.. kan? one day affair je tu.

cuti sekulah baru ni, member lunch sparing aku kawen. jadinya kau kene pergi lah kan. anak bini aku lak ada kat sini. aku pun bawak la depa sekali.

modus operandi aku kalo gi umah orang kawen ni lain skit dari orang lain. kalo member lah kan. biasanya aku gi lambat2 skit. paling awal dalam kol 3 mcm tu. sebabnya ... satu .. tak ramai org. tak sesak lah. dua ... takmo jumpa bos2 aku. (aku kan low propail :)hehehehe). tiga ... aku leh lepak lelama sembang2 sesama member yang ada, sembang sesama pengantin, sembang sesama mak bapak pengantin. tapi setakat ni lom lagi la aku sembang sesama pengapit penganten pompuan ... :) huhuhuhu. yang paling beshnya bab ni adalah ... bukan sembang kusun jek. ada lah air panas .. leh order nak teh tarik ke. kupi tarik ke. blek kupi ke. pas tu bukan air bujang je beb. ada la kuih muih nya. tak pun kerepek. jadik kedai kopi la umah pengantin tu aku buat.. :)) ekekekeke. lepas rilek2 lelama skit baru blah. dlm kol lima ke. kol 6 ke. kalo lelama kang ... kaco lak pengantin nak beradu nanti.

lagi satu protokol aku ... mesti ada upacara usik mengusik penganten. :)) kalo aku dok berbisik tu ada lah kan soklan2 cepumas under Official Secrecy Act (OSA). mcm ari tu .. kau panggil penganten pompuan tu. aku cakap sama dia ... "mrs x! x ni ada cita-cita, dia bagitau saya sebelom dia kawen" aku cakap sama dia. penganten lelaki a.k.a. member aku dah pucat ... risau dia apa la aku nak gebangkan tu. "dia ni sebenarnya kan ... dia bercita-cita nak jadi suami mithali!" aku bagitau penganten pompuan. "iyaaaaaaaaaa....!!" sahut si penganten pompuan sambil terus pegang tangan laki dia. sib baik org ramai... kalu tak dah peluk dah tu. member aku si penganten lelaki tu senyum jek. lega lah tu. dia dah cuak dah tu memula. :)) ekekekeke.

Seblom Kawen. Selepas Kawen :

Member aku tu memang terkenal dengan sikap playboya nya. sampai kita org pun tak tahu mana satu gelpren dia yang sebenarnya. ntah yang mana satu yang dia serius nak kawen. sampai la dia bertunang ngan si miss x tu. lepas bertunang pun sama jek pangai dia. bahkan sebulan seblom kawen lagi hebat lak dia. sampai aku ngan member2 aku yang lainnya siap tanya dia soklan cepu perak : "Kau ni betui ke nak kawen ni?". kita orang pun siap psycho sama dia ... tak baik kuar ngan pompuan lain kalo dah nak kawen tu. nanti pompuan tu suka .. dah kecewa. tak baik kecewa kan orang. "tak baik memainkan hati dan perasaan perempuan ni" our last word pada dia. sebenarnya tu lah aktibiti kita orang. dok teasing jek. sesapa punya nasib jadik mangsa nasib lah kan.

budak pompuan yang dia bawak kuar tu pun dah start panggey dia sayang. tak kira lah kan... masa sms ke. masa berborak biasa ke. tu yang kita orang psycho dia tu. ntah apa mimpi dia pada satu malam tu dia pun slow talk lah ngan budak pompuan tu. dia mintak maap lah ngan budak pompuan tu kekalau dia terlanjur kata buat budak tu sayang kat dia dan mengecewakan hati dia sebab dia dah nak kawen ni. budak pompuan tu pun jawab "la...perasan la awak. sumer orang kita panggey sayang tau".

kene gelak lagi la member tu. kesian dia. kita org tease jek dia. budak pompuan tu dah tau dari mula yang member aku ni dah bertunang. dia kuar gak ... pandai la dia jaga diri kan. kan ... kan?

Cobaan :

Masa member aku tu dok citer yang dia dok kuar ngan pompuan tu .. aku ngan member aku pun warning lah dia. soklan cepumas lagik satu "Is it worth it?". makna kata nya ... sanggup ke dia kehilangan tunang dia tu dek sebab pompuan lagi sorang ni. lepas pikir beberapa ketika ... dia kata tak sanggup. tapi ari senin depan nya dia dok citer yang dia dok kuar ngan pompuan tu lagik. :)) ekekekeke. ada unpinis job lah tu. lepas tu lah slow-slow dia bagitau aku yang lepas kawen dia akan berhenti lah kuar ngan pompuan2 ni. nak jadik somi mithali katanya.

datang plak member lagi sorang. lepas setahun lebeh kawen baru lah bini dia mengandung. dah 3 4 bulan. tetiba dia dtg citer sama ngan aku ... ada budak opis dia tunjuk minat sama dia. budak pompuan tu lawaaaaa.... putih.... gebus lagik. dia pun tanya la pendapat aku mcm mana nak wat. aku pun sound la dia "kau jangan nak mengundang geruh!". sebenarnya aku ulang kata-kata kawan aku yang pernah di ucapkan pada aku satu ketika dahulu. kawan aku tu dia lah gak. :)) ekekeke.

kalo masa kes aku dulu pandai lak dia berkata-kata. kene batang idung sendiri baru tau. baru tau mengelabah tak tau nak wat apa. aku dulu pun tader lak mintak pendapat dia pun. dia pepandai jek sound aku.

Kaber Line :

Masa lelepak kat kedai mamak tu tetiba member pompuan datang juin. Miss Y lah panggey dia ehh. dia ni tunang member kita org gak. tunang dia a.k.a member kita org outstesen masa tu.

dah lelepak tu terkeluar la citer member kita org yang nak kawen tu. Miss Y ni tanya la kita org... mcm mana member yang nak kawen tu? Dia pun bukak la citer yang dia pernah nampak member tu kuar ngan pompuan lain, bukan ngan tunang dia.

"eh tu cousin dia" aku jawab.
"a'ah. dia tu ramaiiiiii cousins" jawab member alu lagi sorang.
"cousin apa kalo dah melentok2 semacam jek" jawab si Miss Y.
" eh jangan. cousins dia sumer cenggitu" jawab member aku lagi.
aku pun sounds la miss y. yang member kau tu bercita-cita lepas kawen dia nak jadik somi mithali.
"ye ke! sejukkkkk perut Y dengar" jawab si miss Y.
"apa hal perut ko nak sejuk? ko bukannya mak dia" jawab member aku.

Sekian. Pada yang baru kawen tu ... slamat penganten baru. yang maseh bertunang tu... bawak bersabor bebanyak. cepat2 lah kawen. payah2 kawen gantung jek. setel ...


Such A Monster I Am : Of A Friend Or Foe. Part II.

once i had a friend whom i knew way back then when i studied in Kelantan, more than a decades ago. even when i further my study at Shah Alam, he was there. well this guy has the habit of 'chasing' the girls. if not of his overweight problem i guess he should have a long list of girlfriend. or perhaps he is more keen to spend his time being 'kind' with the girls instead of we the guys. an instance if he chatting with the guys by the coridor he would simply leave if there is a girl or group of girls happen to pass by and chat with her or them instead. just a simply 'hi' is not enough for him.

a couple of years back i bumped into him around my office area. he is happen to live near by. so the incident of us bumping each other happened quite numerous times either at mamak restuarant, klantanese restaurant, clinic or the pet shops. most of the time he seems to not noticing me. doesn't bother why i keep walking to him and say hi and all.

one fine morning i had a breakfast with a colleague of mine, a pretty girl and he is so happened to sit and has his breakfast there also. i noticed him when i am about to sit down. to my surprise he smiled at me and wave his hand. he seems wanna to join us but i limited my gestures to a simple wave and continue to have my breakfast. 'mau kacau daun saja' i said silently. and i did think maybe he will call my wife and tell her about me having a breakfast with a pretty lady. 'lantaklah' i concluded in my heart.

last week my wife told me he called her to say hi. we are actullly in the same course while studying in Shah Alam. and then we chat about him. he did called my wife few times and even told her about the breakfast incident. the same day it was. hearing that i was just laughing.

but later of the day it struck to me why he needed to do what he did. why shud he told my wife that i had a breakfast with a girl than he do not even know? last time when he saw my ex-gilrfriend going out with another guy he only informed me about it after i split up with her. excuse me ... why the different treatment ehh?

i guess i should start to count who is/are my real friend(s). 'tak kisah or tak per' attitude that i practice shud be phased out.

as i wrote earlier .. once i had a friend ... i will not bother about this guy anymore. he shud be lucky if i do not scold him the next time i bump into him. i should waste my time no more on him and his kind.


Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Shifting Of Blame.


"What we've got here is failure to communicate. Some men you just can't reach, so you get what we had here last week which is the way he wants it. Well, he gets it. And I don't like it any more than you men. "

- by Strother Martin in the 1967 film Cool Hand Luke.


Monday, June 12, 2006



"i've been alone all along"

- My Immortal. Evanescence. Fallen Album. 2003.

Cawan Dunia.

"ko amik team mana?" tanya member aku. right after he declared his choiced of team; Brazil.
"Argentina" i answered him smiling.

i bet against him the same teams in previous touernament. obviously i lost terribly. and this time around Brazil is again the most preferred and favourite team to bring home the cup, again. for me to take on Brazil is something too common, thus i picked Argentina. perhaps this explain why i am not good at betting. :))

i do hope Argentina could play well this time around unlike before where they did not even passed the group level. as pele has predicted, Argentina is one of the country that might be able to win the cup other than Brazil and Germany.

watching the England games kinda make me nod in agreement with one of the prediction that England might win if luck is to be with them. and the only reason given is based on his gol keeper who is rated amongst the best in the world.

all in all i hope to watch a great games. at least in the group of death as well as from the second round onwards. France, Holland, Germany is amongst the team that i would love to watch. and i would love to watch great player to be able to demonstrate their skills such as Thiery Henry and Ronaldinho.

lastly, watching the games i can't help to think about our own Malaysia team. dunno lah when they would be able to uplift their level of play. sighhh ... it has been a while i have not been to the stadium to watch and cheer our country ...


Fade To Black.


"Then it comes to be that the soothing light at the end of your tunnel
is just a freight train coming your way"
- No Leaf Clover. Metallica. S&M Album. 1999.


Saturday, June 10, 2006

Batu Biru.

akhirnya, sejurus tadi, rantai kesayanganku yang berbuahkan batu biru, dipulangkan.

setelah bertukar tangan beberapa kali, jauh menjelejah serata negeri, rantai itu aku kalungkan kembali, ke leher ku.

dan selepas beberapa minggu, aku tidak lagi terasa berbogel.


Threnody. II.


Ribut Sunyi

dada langit tidak berbintang
bulan di awan tak kelihatan
hitam gelap malam nan kelam
angin kencang menderu-deru
hujan ribut bakal menjelang?
bs. 100606. 0142am.

Threnody. I.


Bila Kekasih Enggan Datang

angin dingin yang tiba-tiba menerpa
menyentak rakus dari lamunan mimpi indah
lantas sunyi yang amat mendakap erat
lagu yang dulu merdu terasa hambar
segala isi alam jua seakan mentertawakan
kau yang ditinggalkan keseorangan
tak dipeduli.
bs. 100606. 0104am.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Still Lost. II.


"Beautiful dawn - lights up the shore for me"

- High. James Blunt.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Still Lost.


"Aimless soul where were you now
For the angels come by the dawn"

- Farewell. Cromok. 'Yours Truly' album.


Stupid Donkey.

man or woman sometimes can be so stupid. so much stupid that they don't know that they don't know. but then they think they know and they act like they know everything.

can a man who knows nuts about cooking go and argue with Chef Wan about cooking? all this man know is just eating. just because he loves eating he thinks that he is fit to say his minds about how dishes should be prepared and claiming the well known chef's way is wrong.

this is a simple picture i told a fren a very long time ago when he tried to argue with me about some religion issue. he was questioning a fatwa issued by an ulama'. when he was adamant to stick to his line of thot then i wasted no time to argue with him. just let the stupid donkey with his stupid acts. i know i can't do much about it.

just who the fuck he is to question and argue about religion issue when he himself know nuts about his own religion which he was only born into? and just who the fuck am i to show him the right way?

just let the donkey messing his own ass. he think that he is so clever that he won't listen to others.


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Still Got The Blues ...

i was having a conversation with a friend the other day. she was telling a story about her life. on the same context i was telling her my part. just like comparing our stories on the same events. then one simple comment from her suddenly opened the pandora box and i was caught in the past. the sense of sadness and deja vu overwhelmingly surrounded me. i was helpless.

even she noticed the mood swing that i had and she profusedly said sorry. i said it was ok, not her fault.

there i was in the turbulence of deep emotions.

anybody who was in contact with me yesterday and i didn't offer any lending hand with regards to any of your problems, i am terribly sorry. i can't be the santa claus when i am myself is poor. i can't be the doctor when i am myself is down writhing in pain. i can't be the cure when i am myself poisoned with my own doings.

well ... it is time to 'menjiwang' with James Blunt's "High" ....


Monday, June 05, 2006

Bola Kristel.

"wei. lu punya anak dalam lelaki ka pompuan?"tanya si Lau pada member aku.
"belum scan lagi la. tak bleh nampak lagi" jawab member aku.
"Lau aaaa. bet mau ka? saya tengok dia sama isteri dia, saya sudah tau mesti anak dia perempuan punya" i dare Lau.
"ok. saya angkat lelaki, apa mau bet?" tanya si Lau.
"kfc la" i answered him.

i was planning to treat him KFC anyway since last time he treated me one. losing or winning the bet doesn't important really.

tapi pandai-pandai aje aku ngan konpiden kata budak dalam perut bini member aku tu pompuan. :)) ekekekeke. tapi tu lah aku nya best guess berdasarkan personaliti member aku ngan bini dia. resultnya kene la tunggu lagi 5 bulan.

:) lama lagi tu ...


Friday, June 02, 2006

Am I Evil?

a female fren saw my picture taken with a fellow female fren. a beautiful one. out of that her jealousy grew and she passed un-necessary remarks. when i heard it i didn't say anything sarcastic tho in my heart say ... "menatang babi ni pasal apa plak?".

a fren wanna take a photo of me with my new hair and the lady out of sudden posing herself next to mine. that was how the picture was taken. why the need to be jealous? why should she passed the un-necessary remarks? she herself has taken countless pictures with a lot of guys. even dating out with a lot of guys. the best thing i don't have anything going on with her.

the same thing happened with a female chatter. the same picture cause the uproar. but excuse me ... just who the fuck was her to be acting like i am her husband been caught with other woman without my pants on? yet i didn't utter any strong words tho again in my heart was screaming "babi ni ....".

so am i evil? not yet bro. not yet.

keep pushing and i will be one soon enough.


Such A Monster I Am. Part II : Of Friend and Foe.


i am the believer of man and woman can be real good friend. i honestly believe it cud happen and could be done. and i wish i cud have one also.

but as the stigma and fear or society or people in public opinion about it, it rarely happen. and mostly it goes down to the failure of the man and woman itself to carry themselves when they have one.

people say friendship of good friend last forever. but what happen when one got a new much better friend in the form of life companion, wife and husband? always the best friend slowly if not immediately was cut off either on good or bad terms.

if you got a wife or a husband don't you think he or she is supposed to be your best friend? your soulmate? thus is there real need to have other best friend? or people love redundant?

supposed you have a best friend opposite of your gender. how do you carry yourself in the relationship? will you set or draw any boundary lines? or anything will goes? just fucking do it with sky is the limits?

is she or he is your best friend when either one or both of you share and exchange sexual comments and flirtous conversation? if that so where is the limit? or there were basically no limits? where is the respect and honour? then darnly both proclaim to the whole world that you both are just in for a good friendship.

that was my take on that matter. anyone who is in diagreement well i only have these four words; Fuck Off And Die!*.

but then again as i said it, it WAS my take. somehow something has viciously strayed me from my past believe. or perhaps i just escaped from stone ages where i was dumbly stucked.

now where would be my limits in my friendship with woman? how should i treat my female best friend? would it be allrite if we continue the friendship anywhere and anytime even on the bed? i guess if both parties proclaim it would not matter then why not? afterall this is a new world. everything possible. and everything goes. why stop at the wet conversations? why wasting time on flirtous remarks exchanges only? why?

is fucking your female friend wrong? if it is then just who the fuck say that dating out the opposite gender is all rite? is not it just a believe that one been planted on his or her head using loose interpretation either religiously or morally? what is the etiquette if we wanna go out with the opposite gender? have we fully conform and complied? or we just simply fucking do it using our generous common spoken words "tak aper lah" as the escapisme?

what if i say that i have planted the idea that fucking my female friend or even my best female friend is allrite? if both party mutually consented to it without any commitment than why not? why should i limited myself just to the silly outings of which it is also actually a wrong and sinful acts at the first place?

or are all these is down to the different languages and multiple interpretations? different background? different education? different cultures? different influences? or just a silly distortation from one's needs and wants?

just don't ask me cause i myself don't have the answer. but would anybody who have been actively dating out with opposite gender would grandly say and claim it is wrong not to limit the friendship to the steamy mutually beneficiary and enjoyable acts on the bed? or is it just the tongue speaking different language than the heart? just want to be politically correct ehh? or is it just the case that one might say no but they wouldn't object it when the opportunity come knocking the door?

i thot that i lived by saintly values which probably differ from others. but i don't force mine onto anyone. i don't condemn and criticise others as well. it is your life just fucking live it how you want to.

if so happen that i live by devilish and sinful values as others may see it and suddenly they wanna interfere and condemn, all i have is again my four heavenly words; Fuck Off And Die!*.


* nota kaki ku di bibir mu : just words utter by my evil tongue. but my heart say different. just don't ask what it is. you might don't like the answer.

:)) muahahaha *evil laugh*

Thursday, June 01, 2006

SriKanDi CinTaKu.

when i was in form 5, we were high with a song by Bloodshed titles 'Srikandi Cintaku'. almost all the times we wud be singing the song. in our own room, bath room, class room and we even sing it in group while walking to dining hall and everywhere. it was the week we are to sit for our spm.

but at that time the song and even the band yet to achieve the stardom but many months later. we were initially captivated by other song the hard one titled 'Samarkhand' but the song composed by M. Nasir proved to be the giant hit song albeit slowly, gradually and eventually. which is after we listened to it many times.

but there is other song that i like very much. it is very much slow song. and i still sing it all the times.

Tangisan Salju Di Khatulistiwa

Dibalik tawa mu masih tersimpan
Rahsia yang mencengkam hidup mu
Walau kau cuba menyembunyikan ia
Tetap pada ku ku rasakan
Untuk apakah kau menanggungnya lagi
Sedang ia kan menghancurkan
Rindu tangis dulu
Salju tangis mu dulu
Cair dibakar suria
Menjadi lautan fana
Hidup adalah pencarian
Cinta sempurna
Dan kita yang berjalan
Untuk satu pertemuan akhir...

- Lagu : Hamdan Ahmad
- Lirik : Man Boron
- Artis : Bloodshed